Becky Holbach BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice

Becky Holbach

As a sensory artist, I am fascinated by exploring various mixed-media approaches to create interactive art that can be explored and interpreted by people in a personal way. Using mixed-media approaches and incorporating various sensory engaging materials and 3D beading techniques, I create intriguing samples which invite you to reach out and explore.

I highly value inclusiveness when regarding how different people engage with senses. My FMP ‘Sensory Playground-Interactive light pod’, has been made with children with sensory processing disorders (SPD) in mind. The interactive lighting and textures in sensory rooms informed the techniques and materials I used. Using thermochromic pigments, electroluminescent wires and fibre optics, the collection of samples help children with SPD engage with their senses in a fun, safe way. These samples are displayed in a sensory pod, which can be crawled into and freely explored by the observer. The walls of the pod are velcroed, allowing the samples to be rearranged, meaning the viewer can engage with the samples in a way they feel comfortable with. This is important so someone with SPD doesn’t get overwhelmed. The ‘'Interactive Light Pod’ invites you to step into a new sensory world full of interactive possibilities.

Within my work I am passionate about advocating the importance of combining Art and Education. I often find myself combining my findings and exploration in my own art practice into my teaching and vice versa. Throughout this year I have brought this educational aspect within my practice through creating instruction booklets, my most recent one detailing how to create a sensory environment at home. This booklet can be seen by following my blogger link. I am continuing my journey of combining art and education by facilitating various art workshops throughout this summer, as well as starting a Primary PGCE in September.