Hannah Inglis BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice

Hannah Inglis

My final project titled 'Happiness in The Mundane' draws inspiration from the items we carry in our bags daily. The COVID19 pandemic has caused life to feel mononotonous, however, I wanted to challenge this and show through expressive drawing and embroidery that there can be excitement in the every day - even if the only objects we carry are masks and hand sanitiser. My practice is an amalgamation of both traditional and contemporary textiles - merging customary methods like quilting with colourful digital prints to create exciting large-scale artworks that reflect my love for bold colours and shapes. I discovered my passion for quilting in the last semester of my degree and post-study I plan on continuing to expand my quilting knowledge and to undertake commissions for large-scale pieces. Within my work, I like to convey a sense of the imperfect as I believe that mistakes help boost creativity and allow for a more experimental approach towards art. 

Alongside my own practice, I have also collaborated on ‘Interruptions’ with the Holden Gallery, and on a live brief for Crisis with FAD student Megan Parrott where I designed packaging for items to help fund LGBTQ+ specific services.

I am currently undertaking a Creative Workshop Facilitator Internship with the National Saturday Club and I would like to pursue a career working with young people in the future as I believe there is a strong link between creativity and engagement and that children should be encouraged to express themselves in their own unique way in order to gain the most out of their education.