Beth Hobbs BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation

Beth Hobbs

"I like to experiment with various mediums to help convey my ideas. The core themes of my pieces are based on the human condition and responses to my own mental well-being in surreal, psychedelic ways. I like to incorporate intrinsic music into my methodology, as it personally results in something very cathartic and raw."

A fervent believer in the arts being a critical tool for positive mental wellbeing, Beth’s university projects have been influenced by her own mental struggles; but turning her past experiences into something advantageous, by creating celebratory pieces based on human resilience. She participated in the universities RISE intensive programme ‘Understanding Wellbeing,’ and became inspired to incorporate many of the workshops exercises into her own practice and day-to-day life. It encouraged her to take notice of her own mindfulness and wellbeing, by being able to create pieces which compartmentalise her emotions without self-critical judgements, into positive outcomes. She later facilitated her own wellbeing workshop where the participants would listen to intrinsic music and be encouraged to respond intuitively, whilst being reminded that there were no right or wrong outcomes.

Her project Art and its engraved involvement with wellbeing, was a celebratory visual response to her dissertation; which focused on mental health and the ethos of how the Arts allow people to express their manifestations into outcomes, which help to inspire and connect others who perhaps are enduring similar struggles/experiences. Beth wanted to incorporate abstract elements into her works to achieve a sense of ambiguity and unity with her audience. 

The mindset of wanting to help and/or educate others with her creative process is something which has always been a key factor, and Beth continues to produce works which are heavily inspired by these themes and interests, and intends to pursue a Master’s Degree.