Sophie Irvin BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation

The foundation of my practice is built on observational, playful approaches to communicate a number of themes. I like to think I have a positive outlook; I think that reflects in my work and what topics I aim to educate and communicate.

I love experimenting with design components, composition and colour. I am very versatile in the way I work and can adapt my design fluidity and style in each project I do.

I enjoy working digitally however, I had an urge to go back to basics for collecting resources, image references and observational drawings for this last project, which allowed me to do some drawing on location and some much needed time away from the screen inspired me to experiment more with this project, utilising different mediums and materials.  

Whilst doing my degree in illustration, I began to find my passion for editorial illustration, type and the seamlessness effect it can have, communicating ideas relevant to my audience. Being a perfectionist myself, I always found it a challenge; to let go and let things flow without focusing on the outcome too much; in turn, this just made me resentful of everything I was doing if it didn’t meet the standard I had set for myself. However, discovering myself and what I enjoy creating has allowed me to fall back in love with my practice and be more open, knowing that their mistakes; can allow for something beautiful and unique.

My unit X project; is based on communicating my love for my towns local festival folk and boat, which enables people of all ages, ethnicities and communities to come together. To engage my widespread audience, I produced a series of posters and stickers to promote the rebranding of the festival. Having prior knowledge of how the festival ran, due to going to the festival for over ten years myself, this enabled me to spread my joy and passion for the festival through my practice. My research and knowledge gave me a greater understanding of how best to communicate the atmosphere and joy of the festival through the use of texture, pattern, text, line and colour. I aim to continue to develop my skills as a creative and expand on my portfolio whilst being open to opportunities in the industry.