Bobby Needham BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation

Bobby Needham

Primarily working in stop motion animation and related technical fields, I am an animator, modelmaker and animation engineer. My creative practice is geared towards exploring the possibilities of technical interventions in traditional animation.

The foundation of my third year practice – and my practice moving beyond undergraduate study – has been the development of my own three-axis motion control camera system, programmed specifically to work in tandem with Dragon Frame. This endeavour opened up new avenues for professional-standard animation created on a small budget and within limited space, streamlining my workflow and enhancing the overall quality of the movements I am able to simulate. My work since the production of this system has been created not with the intention of visualising a completed narrative, but instead with the aim of demonstrating the capabilities of my motion control, modelmaking, setdesign, rigging and post production through a series of concentrated vignettes. 

Moving forward, I believe that my passion for the technical and pre-production elements of stop-motion filmmaking will enable me to work effectively and and innovatively in the wider industry, with the ultimate goal of working on feature films and in advertising with other skilled and like-minded creatives.

  Alumni Award Winner