Charlotte Clegg BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice

Charlotte Clegg

I am a textiles designer specialising in print for an interiors purpose. I am constantly drawn to the natural world and this is where my inspiration derives from, whether this be tropical, garden flora and fauna or florals. When designing a new collection, I take time to consider current trends and also the space which I envision my designs. I usually begin my design process by developing a range of motifs to then work digitally however, I also create hand painted designs to experiment with scale and colour. Drawing and painting is extremely important to me as a print designer and varies in style within each body of work I create to fit the concept I am exploring. The hand painted qualities of my designs within my projects give the collections I create a bespoke and unique style, which is reflective of my individual approach as a print designer. My love for colour, drawing and painting has constantly developed after specialising in print, whilst also developing my digital design skills and interest in interior styling and visual publications. 

For my practice part one project 'Natural Utopia', I created a collection of prints suitable for curtains and cushions, focusing on the idea of bringing nature indoors. For practice part two, I created a semi tropical wallpaper collection called 'Portuguese Paradise', inspired by the nature and wildlife on the Island of Porto Santo. In my final project for unit X ‘Summer Blooms’, I moved away from motif paintings to create an expressive, vibrant floral summer collection for the context of the English home's kitchen and garden. 

Post-graduation I plan to continue developing my skills as a print designer by gaining experience within the industry, then hopefully progressing to work as part of a design team for an interior print company. 

Alumni Award Highly Commended