Eilis Dart BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation

Eilis Dart

I am an illustrator, animator and comic book maker focusing on gritty feminist themes.The characters that I create demonstrate these core values shown visually and through dialogue focusing on dark, punchy, absurd humour. Cartoon and lowbrow aesthetics have consistently been an influence throughout my portfolio.

My audience has a strong investment in these values and concerns: They are well informed politically, are very aware of women's issues, interpersonal power dynamics and sexual inequality.

 My work already has a commercial setting through individual interest and sales from my online platform. My next intention is to further this by finding a publisher for my recent short graphic novel. I also want to explore more animation work, expanding on my latest project in ident creation. My passion for developing characters has got stronger over the last few years. Now I also want to work collaboratively with others in character design.

 I can easily flip between animation and illustration because I use digital mediums. My digital process has been refined to be efficient and flexible. This has allowed me to develop my creations in a consistent yet explorative manner. It’s also made presenting work and collaborating with others super easy and fun, which I think suits my current trajectory into freelancing and publishing perfectly.

CASS Award High Commended