Elliot Roberts BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation

My final third year project was the creation of twelve images from a Children’s book I intend to finish after University. From an early age Children’s books are a medium which have been a huge influence on me wanting to become an artist. The central idea is a man travelling the world visiting places that his dead wife had wished to visit and scattering her ashes in place of her dying wish. Although a sad story, I wanted it to be a celebration of their life, a voyage of discovery and an adventure for the character.

I developed each image from photographs of my parent’s travels which fuelled my interest in the places I chose. I wanted my hand-drawn images to explore a different aspect of each country and I spent time researching these countries cultures and landscapes to find settings that would be interesting to the reader. My style has developed with this project and my authorship project. I create detailed pen and ink drawings overlaid with watercolour, producing delicate, gentle and atmospheric images. I think the end result reflects who I am as an artist.