Emily Bagshaw BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice

Emily Bagshaw

I am a multi-disciplinary textiles designer, specialising in mixed-media and embroidery. Focussed upon the relationship between sensory design and biophilia, I create tactile, three-dimensional textiles that aim to encourage relaxation and heightened environmental stewardship in living and working spaces.

My practice is a synthesis of digital and hand process, including embossing, hand-weaving, laser etch and improv quilting to create textural surface pattern. Material and scientific research remains paramount to my work, enabling me to embed narratives of environmentalism and wellbeing within materiality and surface.

My final year project, Surface Enriched Spaces responds to humans' psychological need to be close to nature. There is empirical evidence that design which reconnects humans to natural contents and landscape configurations helps to enhance human wellbeing. However, currently 80% of people in the most economically advanced nations now live in urbanised areas, spending over 90% of their time indoors. Recent effects of the global pandemic have caused people to feel detached from outside space and tactile interaction like never before.

Surface Enriched Spaces puts forward a sample library of innovative ways in which nature-derived surfaces can be injected into living and working spaces, varying from soft furnishings, lighting and insect hotels.

The project hopes to question the future notion of biophilic design as we transcend into increasing urbanised and digitalised living.