Emily Sharp BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice

Emily Sharp

My practice lies within the specialism of Print Design & Illustration. With a heavily drawing based approach to working, I am inspired by colour, composition and storytelling. I have a very broad approach to the context in which I apply my work, whether that be exploring surface pattern design, illustration or fine art. My work is influenced by my fascination of the natural world, which I use to explore and develop concepts and narratives to inform the direction of my practice. Often exploring themes such as childhood memories, imagination, animals and fairytales. I would describe my work as colourful, often naive and whimsical. 

‘The Tale of Mr. Toad & Rosie Ribbit' is a narrative that I have developed over the course of my final year, initially inspired by my visit to Kew Gardens' Lily House. The narrative is a whimsical tale of two toads who romantically fall in love at The Lily Pond’s Summer Picnic. I have fully illustrated my narrative and produced a children’s book publication, specifically for 2-8 year olds. My designs become an illustrative celebration of the natural world and creatures within. Elements of gold foiling and elaborate font choices echo that of an old traditional book publication. This transforms it into something ornamental and precious, to be passed on for generations. 

I have also explored the concept of 'The Lily Pond' through the context of fine art. With a more conceptual approach to working, I have engaged with the lily pond as an environment and recorded my connection to my surroundings in a spontaneous way. Through intuitively painting, I have transformed my everyday experiences with the natural world into works of art. My designs aim to bring an essence of contemporary luxury into a grand home or hotel setting through abstract statement pieces, including one off print designs and wall murals.

By exploring how my work could sit within the context of fashion, I have challenged the surface in which fine art is typically applied to. Bridging the gap between these two opposing contexts and transforming art into something wearable.