Sophie Shelley BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice

Sophie Shelley

During my final year on the TiP course, I have been developing my passions in sustainability in order to further refine my practice. In my final project, titled 'Re-Wilding', I chose to focus on the first signs of spring in the UK as my inspiration for an all natural and sustainable print collection. I have a distinctive abstract and textural design handwriting and so focussed on the colours, textures and compositions of natural landscapes – mainly from my own primary imagery, to inform my designs. The context for this collection was for a small scale bodycare brand that I developed independently as part of the project, named 'Re-Wild'. Re-Wilds slogan is ‘natural nourishment for you and the planet’ and so I wanted to achieve just that within my collection. I had 12 digital designs that were printed onto recycled and compostable seeded paper to be used as packaging on product labels, gift tags and business cards, and were also to be used across Re-Wild’s branding. My 12 hand printed and naturally dyed designs were then developed to be used as ‘fabric wraps’ -  an all natural and reusable alternative to gift wrap. With extensive testing and research, these designs were printed onto 100% Irish Linen and Organic Silk using completely natural dyes and print pastes – so the entire hand printing process was free of harsh chemicals. These fabric wraps are encouraged to be used again and again, in a variety of ways, to promote sustainable consumption and beautifully encapsulate all that Re-Wild and my practice is about. 

Thankyou for taking the time to look through my profile. Please visit my social media pages via the links given, and also have a nosey at some more of my work from this past year via my profile on the Dots.