Esme Greaves BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice

Esme Greaves

During final year on TIP, I've expanded my skillset taking a multi disciplinary approach to my design work. Taking advantage of covid-19 and adapating my way of working to this situation led me down a more graphic, digital route: something which I many not have otherwise explored.

'Synergy' is a final major body of work exploring the relationship between fashion and architecture. Maison Margiela stated: "The most important similarity between fashion and architecture is that they share the same starting point: the human body", a quote which has fuelled digital design and concept development throughout this project. From garment and print design, photography, styling and graphics, this project has challenged me as a designer and allowed me to explore and develop my interest in graphic design and concept. Photographic starting points of buildings in Manchester have been present throughout the work- underpinning this concept throughout the design process. I have used shape and form of architectural, primary imagery to inform print design, garment shape and photoshoot location for a graphic zine/ lookbook. Having a defined idea throughout an interdisciplinary project demonstrates not only the importance of concept to me as a practitioner, but also my ambition and inquisitive nature regarding pushing what it means to be a textile designer.