Evie Beales BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice

Evie Beales

As a textile artist specialising in print, I believe my practice is responsive to the setting I am working in. I flourish exploring what print means beyond the realms of textiles by using different mediums and materials to go further than two dimensional prints. I thrive being experimental and innovative, finding new and unexpected uses for everyday objects to include within my work, which I often document through photography. I have an eye for colour, composition and texture and enjoy exploring abstract shapes, whilst always being consciously aware to work mindfully and sustainably throughout my creative process.  

My final project is called ‘Wearable Waste’ which includes a collection of vibrant commercial prints, displayed on an clothing collection that I have developed from first hand imagery I have collected of food waste. 

My ‘Pleasure through Uncertainty’ project was about combining the visually pleasing with grotesque to create a vibrant textural collection through collecting materials I had accessible to me during lockdown. I submerged them into coloured water and experimented with composition and colour formation.