Lydia Beattie BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice

Lydia Beattie

As a textile creative I like to observe natural and geometric forms, I like to use fabrics and stitch techniques to create pieces that convey emotions and make statements that would be displayed as wall art to be observed. Much of my work is inspired by my Welsh heritage and nature, I like to create pieces that portray my home and how natural forms can be celebrated through simple print and stitch methods.

Through experimentation in my third-year projects, I have found that minimalist detail and texture using stitch and beading enhance a sample. I enjoy creating texture through these methods as I feel it invites the observer to look at the work more closely and often the small details are more appreciated.

Through doing the Royal London commission in my final year, I have realised that creating pieces to be displayed for people to look at and connect with, for people to see the detail and effort worked into that piece is appealing to me.

Post-graduation I intend to explore options in both interior art and education.