Finlay Gaspar BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation

Finlay Gaspar

I am a multi-disciplinary creative specialising in work from an urban perspective with a focus on the space created between the abstract and reality. The language of my work sits closely with graffiti’s expressive nature, and the grittiness of Manchester's Northern Quarter streets. My creative process involves me communicating with myself on a topic, and generating ideas using a range of mediums and processes.

Throughout my final year I have adopted the mindset of learning design skills, whilst keeping a tight grip of my important values of being free in the creative process, and to use that to my advantage. With this angle I will have a different outlook to other creatives and products that are coming out of the industry, this is because I am not looking at the trends set within the industry online, rather I am searching for answers within myself and my practice. I’m searching for the things that haven’t been done yet in the brackets of Illustration using my previous experience coming from a visual art background. Offering an experimental, but necessary risk to the Design world.

I’ve found that my work sits nicely with industries (where my interests are) like music and fashion, and this knowledge drives me to create more. Now at the end of my course, I have linked back to project research where I investigated jazz and hip-hop music and can see how these interests have turned into inspirations within my illustration work, and personal style indefinitely.

The work I have chosen to present for the degree show is a varied collection accumulated throughout the course of my university degree, involving a range of multi-disciplinary skills.