Gabriel Carr BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation

Gabriel Carr

The Lemming is a project myself and writer/journalist Dylan Hatton dreamed up many moons ago in an attempt to shrug off our 20-something ennui through the medium of journalism, illustrations, comics and essays, all packed into 30-something pages. Each copy is illustrated, designed, risograph printed and hand-bound by myself, copy-edited by Dylan, and is 100% recyclable. As well as including my comics and illustrations, Issue #3 contains three political pieces by Beth Jones, Joesph Conway and Rosy Akalawu-Ellman, a historical article by Lydia Rostant, a short film essay by Josh Senior, and a book review and article on conducting by Dylan Hatton. Issue #3 is also marked by our departure from the original zine format, now akin to a tabloid in size. And, having realised these times call for nothing less than activism, there is a far stronger political bent within. I intend to grow my publications team and ambition post-univeristy, reaching out to artists I admire to work alongside me within the art department. The featured images on my profile do not show all the pages included within issue #3, the remaining pages can be veiwed by purchsing the issue on our website, which will soon have a functioning store.