Grace Browne BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice

Grace Browne

I would prefer to describe myself as a creative as opposed to a designer or practitioner. My time and experience at MMU has enabled me to identify that I am not cast from a specific mold: I have developed an interest in both the design and theory behind a product but also the process and techniques used to get there. I am heavily influenced by my surroundings and environments and work with a strong concept behind my work. Since being a student at MMU my awareness for sustainability and environmentally friendly processes and materials has not only grown but strengthened. After lockdown in 2020, I was forced to look further a field for influences and dig deeper for creative encouragement. I explored a huge amount of natural dyeing processes whilst visiting working cotton and linen mills to help source sustainable fabric that I could use. Since then, I have ensured that I carry on working as sustainably as I possibly can whilst continuing to educate myself further: this for me has been the most valuable part of the course and will be something I take with me wherever I go. Since the beginning of the course, I have developed and focused on my interest of printed textiles made for interiors or homewear. Having enrolled onto a unit which was interior Design lead, I was able to gain more experince into a wider context which allowed me to work more consciously and in more depth