Holly Gemmell BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice

Holly Gemmell

I am an enthusiastic textile designer specialising in print who enjoys creating playful and illustrative surface pattern designs. I mainly use these designs for the context of homeware, although I am also interested in designing for clothing and stationary, specifically cards and wrapping paper. I like to aim my target audience towards children as this is where I can let my imagination flow and create fun and quirky illustrations using different characters and settings. I also like to use toned down colours, whilst also trying to make my palettes eye capturing enough to attract children.

Despite having a thorough interest in designing for kids, I am a very adaptable artist and like to challenge myself to try new things. As well as having a love for surface pattern and illustration I also like to create abstract designs for interior furnishings and wallpapers, which are more aimed towards an older audience. When it comes to my work I always enjoy the experimentation process where I can try out new methods and mediums that I haven't used before. I am particularly interested in creating textures within my work, even in my illustrative designs and motifs. I also love to use Photoshop and Illustrator to see my designs come together in the last stages. 

Here I have presented examples from two of my projects from my final year which shows the range in my style. The first is my Under the Sea project aimed towards children, and the second is a more abstract brief based on the concept of crystals, targeted towards an older audience. I have also included 2 images from my collaboration with my peer Phaedra Dickson, which are the square table and lampshade visualisations.