Jake Cox BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation

Jake Cox

I'm an illustrator with a passion for off-beat stories, drawing upon folklore, history, science and mythology.

Growing up in the dystopian hinterland of Milton Keynes has given me an appreciation for the small things, as well as an eye for the bizarre – and as a result I always carry a sketchbook in which I constantly doodle, observing or imagining unique worlds, characters, and events – which go on to inform my practice and breathe life into my illustrations.

Going forward I have ambitions to continue developing my authorial voice through editorial work, as well as by working on research projects, publications, and comics. I can’t wait to carry on unearthing the more unfamiliar and peculiar parts of the human experience and breathing life into them with my illustrations, hopefully informing and entertaining along the way!

CASS Award High Commended