Kaitlin Tasker BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation

Kaitlin Tasker

Driven by a fascination with human behaviour, my work is a record of my observations of humanity. My objective is to convey an understanding of individual identities and experiences, emotions and psychology. As an integral part of my own journey, my passion to understand said topics comes from this need to heal and educate, including subjects such as sleep disorders and ADHD.

To communicate this, my choice of medium and how it is applied is intentional. Although occasionally delving into the realms of digital, my enthusiasm lies in that of graphite, gouache, watercolour, and oil. I prefer to work more traditionally as I believe the work has a  greater integrity and challenge. This hands-on practicality allows me to connect with the subject in an emotionally tactile dimension.

Due to the purpose of it being traditional, I believe my pieces function best as stand alone works. I want the works to retain the individual aspect, so whether they are sold as original pieces, or translated onto that of posters, album covers, etc.

I want to find a balance of retaining the integrity and intention of my work, but also allowing myself the opportunity to reach a wider audience.