Kathryn Webb BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice

Kathryn Webb

As a textile artist, I am very interested in the natural world and how I can make use of sustainable materials within my work. Most of my recent work is based around natural dyes and working with local wool. I enjoy whole process working where I usually start outside collecting various materials and plants, which I then work with using traditional textile techniques. I highly value the connection between nature and the work I produce, this is highlighted in my process driven work. I am also fascinated in learning new ways to work with unconventional materials gathered from the landscape.

The work displayed showcases, ‘Whole Process’ Textiles. This is a project focusing on sustainable, traditional textile techniques such as natural dyeing, wet felting and spinning wool. It is a project exploring ways to use natural materials which can then create an outcome. Although processes have been the core of this concept, I decided to create a series of different lampshades as I saw it as a great way to create one object using numerous techniques using natural dyes and locally sourced wool.

As a graduate, I hope to develop my practice further through volunteering and freelance work. I would also like to run my own workshops, teaching others to forage for seasonal dyestuffs and process raw local wool. I am always looking to learn new skills and intend to continue to learn more sustainable material practices.