Katie Wilson BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice

Katie Wilson

I am a passionate knitted textile designer. My work takes the form of conceptual knitwear, with particular reference to creating 3D abstract structures for the body. I thrive on exploring the manipulation of materials, incorporating alternative media such as wire and lycra to challenge the structural capacity of knit. Playing with my brief or concept to drive my own creativity, I work on domestic and industrial knitting machines sampling different yarns and techniques to explore the design potential. I also frequently experiment with hand vs machine; combining embroidery or print methods with knit to enhance my narrative. Passionate about the beauty of our natural surroundings, I always choose sustainable yarns when possible, and I follow trend forecasting and analysis research in order for my work to remain relevant in our society and market. I continuously take inspiration from these organic forms, mimicking their qualities in my work.

My graduate collection, ‘CONFIGURED FORMS’, is inspired by the mesmerising shapes of dancer Loie Fuller, in comparison with the complex structure of shells. Responding to this inspiration, the pieces aim to depict a narrative of natural movement, organic form and illusion. This trio of garments is created for SS21 and completed entirely from home on a domestic machine. My neutral colour palette is a response to WGSN’s ‘Re-Rooted Nature’ trend for 22/23, which I reinforced through taking textural inspiration from my own natural surroundings. It has been hugely exciting watching my designs come to life as I developed my ideas from samples to finished garments.

As I continue my practice, I intend to gain valuable experience of the knitwear industry whilst developing my own brand of conceptual knitwear as abstract structures for the body. I eventually hope to produce my work for a market that blurs the line between fashion and costume.