Lauren Mccaughey BA (Hons) Filmmaking

Lauren Mccaughey

I'm Lauren McCaughey, a screenwriter, director and production designer from Newcastle Upon Tyne. My work aims to explore human relationships, comedy and class. My personal perspective comes from a working-class background, which I aim to carry in my creative voice.

I am particualarly interested in the quiet 'pre-moments' of life; the second before a seemingly everyday event pivots a person's life. My work almost always sits in a food context. I explore the social and personal meanings and memories we attach to acts of eating, as well as the foods themselves.

Much of my previous work has firmly positioned itself in documentary and artist-moving image expressions, however recently my attention has turned to comedy and fiction.

At present, I am a producer and co-founder of Chaos Collective (Insta: @chaoscollective21).

When I'm not scribbling down conversations I overheard on the bus or persuading my family to let me write down past arguments, I can be found drawing (portraits), sculpting (poorly) or tending my ever-growing plant collection (no, I DON'T have a problem).

My most recent film '2 Sisters, 1 Bench' will premiere at Chaos Collective's Manchester School of Art Filmmaking Graduate Showcase, in association with HOME Manchester and The Yard. It sees two incredibly close sister's bond being tested by a burger, chips and a confession.