Lily Brown BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Lily Brown

Hi :) It’s been a hard year as a young creative person. Bedrooms become studios, peers became laptop squares and the same four walls of my small flat felt like my only inspiration which, not surprisingly, wasn’t very inspiring. I’ve felt at times like my creativity got put into lockdown with the rest of us. Despite this weird world in which we’ve all been living, I’ve managed to create work I’m proud of. I’ve defined my ‘style’ a hundred different times and then honestly, a few more, learning that I do not and will not define myself. I’m interested in interrogating the world around me and the world is always changing, along with my perspective of it. I like to work with different media; photography, typography, collage, digital, 3D, and I like to express myself playfully in my practice. I have no ‘one way" to approach a problem as there is always an infinite number of possible solutions. I’ve learned this year to be unafraid to make mistakes, have fun, experiment, try crazy things and see where they lead you. This is just the beginning. If you’re interested in coming on this exciting journey with me, please have a look at what I'm getting up to @artyfilth.