Marianne Faran BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice

Marianne Faran

As a young creative graduating in printed Textiles, I see myself most excited when creating digital design, predominantly utilising software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and most recently, Procreate. Although I can lend my hand to a multitude of mediums - I extensively make use of digital platforms in order to bring any elements of my work to life. The work I produce is explorative of colour, shape and composition, all factors I explore with ease.

My most recent project entitled ’The Celebration Installation’ allowed me to explore a new innovative context for displaying my designs. I developed a collection of installation rooms, centred around a poem I wrote entitled ‘You’re finally free to celebrate’ and inspired by other pop-up museums around the world following the selfie installation phenomenon. It was here I was able to explore an interest in immersive design, symbolism and sentimentality - creating work that has meaning behind it as opposed to adhering to purely print based outcomes is something I love exploring. Sentimentality is a factor that has grew to be at the heart of what I do - creating work that allows me to express my thoughts and feelings in exciting and innovative ways is something I thoroughly hope to explore as I find my feet in the industry I strive to become a part of. These rooms and renders were a collaboration with my friend and 3D artist, Joe Albin Clark.

After graduation, I am open to opportunities within the creative field and intend to continue exploring the multitude of possibilities made possible by my hand stamp curated over the course of my degree. I hope for the opportunity to explore meaning, sentimentality and excitement in future projects.