Selina Pearce BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice

Selina Pearce

Selina Pearce is a contemporary Hand Embroidery Artist and Community Art Facilitator. Much of her practice is underpinned by stories and visions collected through both travelling and literature. As the embroidery has evolved, the work has veered to a more abstract style, using colour and texture considerately to uplift motifs. Commissioned by organisations such as the Tate Collective, Selina uses traditional craft to reflect modern stories in a way to document narratives, spotlighting the ancient craft to be seen by contemporary audiences.

The use of hand embroidery to aid mental health and well-being is an area much explored by Selina, with intentions to bring embroidery and traditional practices into communities to offer both connection and support. Social engagement within the arts is pivotal to the artistic practice and understanding this wider context and importance of the craft, drives the artists own relationship with the work.