Sunny Hawthorn Geffin BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation

Sunny Hawthorn Geffin

I am an illustrator animator and graphic designer. I combine a range of digital drawing and design techniques with hand drawn/inked aspects to create interesting and characterful designs. I focus on colour text and composition and the way this combines effectively with illustrated linework. 

When creating my animations I focus on getting smoth movement often using rototscope to achieve this natural sense of movement and expression. In my final film, an animated music video 'Train to Nowhere' I wanted to create a strong atmosphere in the video so that it would work with and enhance the song. I did this with my colours and background design. The sense of movement was the most important thing to get right In this video. Creating this has allowed me to improve and develop a range of skills for future animation work.

Alongside this I have been working on other more design based projects such as book jackets and album artwork. This informed the way I completed my wall design for a wall mural for the NHS Christie and the Tim Bacon foundation. with this design I focused on a range of requirements and such as size, branding, colour, representation and  audience. This was a great experience as it showed the sort of requirements and considerations when creating work for these sort of clients.