Viraj Shah BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice

Viraj Shah

My work is a reflection of my Indian heristage, I have referenced through photography and painting the colours that symbolise this for me. My focus has been the development of digital skills and weaving structure knowledge using the digital platform Scotweave alongside design ideas for fabrics, rugs and scarves. When choosing the yarns and fabrics to work with I investigated the history and appropriatemness of mateirals to reflect the climate of living in India. The Banarasi silk is the product of two different cultures which came form the Mughals, in earlier times this silk came from China, however it is now produced in the southern part of India. Cotton is the preferred yarn for rug design as it is more suited to the Indian climate.

My career intentions on graduation are to join my family textile mill in India as a designer of woven fabrics.